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5 Tips for Keeping Your Windscreens in Good Condition

Posted on Friday, August 4th, 2017

Having a dirty or streaky windscreen can be more than just annoying. Dirty windscreens are a safety hazard, as they interrupt your vision of the road. In addition to this, particles of dirt abrade windscreens. This ultimately leads to long term damage and scratching that cannot be fixed. To avoid these issues, windscreens require relatively frequent maintenance. But what steps do you need to take specifically? There are a few things you can do to maintain your windscreen. As a starting point, we have listed five of these below.

Replace your windscreen wiper blades regularly

Windscreen wiper blades are one of the most overlooked features of a car. Many people dismiss them as relatively unimportant, but they actually serve a very important purpose. They are also prone to deterioration and require replacement after a while. Replacing your windscreen wiper blades is very easy. You can buy wiper blades at most automotive stores. The old ones simply slide off, and the new ones slide into place in the same way. New wiper blades offer two advantages. Firstly, they glide over your windscreen smoothly and improve your vision when it rains. Secondly, they do not scratch your windscreen in the same way that some old and damaged blades do.

Try to clean off dust and dirt gently

Dust gathers on windscreens almost invariably over time. You might leave your car dormant for little more than one day and return to find your windscreen covered in dust. A lot of people are tempted to use the windscreen washer function to remove this. Although this is a good approach, it is not always suitable. Sometimes, if there is quite a significant build up of dust, this can be harmful to your windscreen. The wipers can scrape the dust off before it is sufficiently wet, causing minor scratching. If there is a lot of dust or dirt on your windscreen, a better approach is to hose it off if you have time or wipe it off with a soft, wet cloth.

Don’t forget to clean the inside of your windscreens

The inside of your windscreen is just as important as the outside. But often, it receives far less attention. Of course, it is not exposed and therefore does not get dirty as quickly, but it needs some maintenance nonetheless. Giving it a wipe down every time you wash your car is a good approach to keeping it in perfect condition. Be sure to use the right products and avoid smudging or smearing when you do this.

Use the right cloth when cleaning your windscreen

Not all cloths are well suited to a delicate job like cleaning a windscreen. The worst choice is old rags, or cloths that have been stored outside. These often have particles of dirt or grit embedded within them. These are almost impossible to see until they have scratched your windscreen. Instead, you should use a brand new cloth or an antistatic cloth specifically designed for cleaning glass. If neither are available you can use newspaper, which is a surprisingly effective choice for cleaning glass.

Use an appropriate additive in your windscreen reservoir

When you fill up your windscreen reservoir, you should add an appropriate additive. You can buy windscreen additive from most automotive stores and service stations. These cut through road haze and give your windscreen streak-free shine. Water alone often leaves a streaky finish on your windscreen. As well as this, it can struggle to remove things like insects or bird droppings. Often, water will simply smear these things annoyingly across your windscreen. Additives prevent this and result in a far better finish for your windscreen.

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5 Tips for Keeping your Windscreen in Good Condition

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