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Commonly Asked Questions About Windscreens

Posted on Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

Commonly Asked Questions About Windscreens

When you think about your car, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not your windscreen. It is not as exciting or complicated as your engine or gearbox, but it is just as important. A lot of people dismiss windscreens as being simple bits of glass that allow you to see when you drive. However, windscreens are so much more than that. Windscreens withstand a lot of force without you even realising it. They are at the frontline of our cars and they are more advanced than you might think.

#1 What Makes Windscreens so Strong?

The most impressive feature of any windscreen is its strength. Throughout your years on the road, you have probably copped the occasional rock or road debris in the windscreen. Some people even hit birds. Although these are small for the most part, the force behind them at high speeds is immense. But windscreens rarely sustain serious damage. That is because windscreens are not made from conventional glass. Instead, windscreens are made from laminated glass. This is very strong and provides you with excellent safety as the driver.

#2 How is Windscreen Glass Manufactured to Achieve this Strength?

Windscreens are made from laminated glass. Laminated glass is constructed using an advanced technique to provide unrivalled strength. However, that is not its only advantage. Laminated glass also does not shatter like normal glass. This means that even if your windscreen breaks, you and your passengers will not be showered with large and dangerous shards of glass.

Laminated glass is a type of treated glass, which normally has a total of two glass layers. These are curved to suit the shape of your vehicle. In between both sheets of glass, there is a strong plastic layer. This layer adds strength and minimises the window’s propensity to shatter under pressure. Once laminated, the windscreen is bonded firmly to your car.

#3 Why do my Windscreen Chips Always Seem to get Bigger?

Almost every driver has experienced window chips. They are annoying, but all too common when you’re out on the road. Windscreen chips often occur when passing cars flick up small pebbles or stones. They are an inconvenience, but they can be fixed quite easily. However you might have noticed that if left for a long time, they get bigger. There are a number of causes for this phenomenon. The most common is force.

Slamming doors or driving on bumpy roads can make stone chips turn into cracks. Once the glass is compromised in one spot, it loses a great deal of its strength. Another common cause, believe it or not, is temperature. Overnight, your car can become very cold. If it is parked in the open, then direct sunlight the next morning will heat it up quickly. This rapid change in temperature will cause the glass to expand and crack further.

#4 How Can I Get a Clean Windscreen Without the Annoying Streaks?

Cleaning your windscreen can be an exercise in frustration without the right approach. What you need first is a clean rag. Using an old rag is not a good idea, as it might have grease or grit in it. This can smear or even scratch the glass. If you don’t have a clean rag available, then newspaper works just as well. Simply spray some windscreen cleaner or Windex, and wipe with the newspaper until the streaks disappear.

#5 Why do my Wiper Blades Need Replacing so Often?

Windscreen wiper blades are a pretty disposable feature of your car. Being narrow rubber strips, they can deteriorate quite easily. Once deteriorated, they will not wipe away water effectively. This leaves your vision impaired when it rains, which is a safety hazard. They can also cause small scratches on the surface of your windscreen, if they are in very poor condition. That’s why frequent replacement is essential.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Windscreens

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