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Why Do Windscreens Fog Up And What Should You Do About It?

Posted on Thursday, October 5th, 2017

Why Do Windscreens Fog Up And What Should You Do About It?

Everyone has been there – you get in your car on a cold morning and visibility is zero. You try every function you can on your air conditioner but nothing seems to work. So you wipe away the fog with your hand, only to leave a big smear right in front of you. There are few things more annoying than a foggy windscreen. But they can be more than just annoying sometimes – they can be a dangerous distraction.

With poor visibility, you are less likely to see any obstacles on the road. And if you are dedicating much of your attention to wiping away the moisture, your chances are smaller still. So what can you do? To understand what you can do about your foggy windscreen, it is important to first understand what causes it.

Foggy Windscreens are Caused by Moisture Differences in the Air

Foggy windscreens are mostly a result of differing air moisture and humidity. In most cases, the air inside your car will be more humid than the air outside your car. This could be due to a few things. However, the most common cause is trapped air from the last time you opened the doors. If you got out of your car in the afternoon, then the warmer, moister air from that time will remain in the car. As the sun goes down, the temperature drops and the air outside becomes dryer. The warmer air inside your car holds more moisture, so when it comes into contact with your cold windscreen it condenses. This leaves that annoying fog on your windscreen.

De-Fogging Windscreens: What You Can Do

Now that you know the main cause of windscreen fog, you are better equipped to fight it! There are a few ways you can do this. We recommend that you exhaust all avenues before resorting to wiping with your hand or a towel. This is only ever a quick fix and it can leave annoying smudges on your windscreen. Instead, give some of the methods below a try.

1. Use Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner is your most powerful tool against foggy windscreens. The air conditioning process removes a lot of the moisture from the air that circulates your car. This means that if you give your air conditioner time, it will dry out the air in your car effectively. As the air dries, there will be less moisture to condense on your windscreen. This means that your windscreen should stop fogging before too long.

2. Use the Defroster Function

If it is too cold for your air conditioner, the defroster function, coupled with the heater, is your next option. This uses a slightly different approach to defogging your windscreen. Instead of getting the internal air temperature to match the external air temperature, it simply evaporates the condensation on your windscreen. The direct flow of warm air hastens the evaporation process and reduces the fog on your windscreen. However, there is a risk with this approach. By warming the air, even more, you can enable it to hold more moisture. But fortunately, in most cases, the air conditioning process will dry the air as well as warming it.

If All Else Fails, Wind Down the Windows

If you are having no luck with your air conditioner or defroster, you have one more option: open the windows. Opening your windows is the best way to reach equilibrium in terms of air temperature and moisture. The sudden rush of air from outside should be enough to restore balance to the inside of your car. If you give this approach a minute or two, your windscreen will probably return to its normal state.

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Why Do Windscreens Fog Up And What Should You Do About It?

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