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5 Signs You Need To Get Your Windscreen Replaced

Posted on Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

We look at our windscreens literally every time we go for a drive. But how much do we really see? Sometimes, the signs that you need to get your windscreen replaced are hiding in plain sight. That’s why we have put together this list of signs that you need to get your windscreen replaced. Windscreens are an integral safety feature in your car, and there simply isn’t any room for compromise. So if you see any of these signs – act fast! Your safety is at stake, and with some expert help, it’s an easy fix.

Look at your line of vision: if there are any obstructions, you need to get your windscreen replaced

Windscreens as a whole are vitally important. But the most important part of the windscreen itself is always going to be the part that is in the driver’s direct line of sight. That means any damage to that part of the windscreen is particularly bad. Chips, cracks and scratches there can obstruct the clear view of the driver. As a result, the chances of you being in an accident are heightened. Worse still, the safety barrier directly in front of you – that being the windscreen – is weakened. Together, that’s a very undesirable combination. So we recommend that you contact the professionals and get your windscreen replaced as soon as possible.

Is there a crack on your windscreen? Get your windscreen replaced before it grows!

Cracks occur more often than you might think in windscreens. But they rarely occur in one fell swoop. Most of the time, cracks originate from chips. And over time, chips can turn into cracks a number of ways. Most commonly, they develop into cracks as you drive over rough or bumpy surfaces. However, fast changes in temperature can also cause chips to become cracks. They also cause the cracks to grow. So if you have a cracked windscreen, it’s probably time to get your windscreen replaced before it gets any worse.

Perished wiper blades scratch glass – in some cases, you’ll need to get your windscreen replaced

Windscreens are a pretty low-maintenance part of your car. But there is one important maintenance procedure that will keep them in good shape: replacing your wiper blades. Wiper blades prolonged contact with your windscreen, and if they’re not up to scratch then your windscreen will be scratched up! If damaged wiper blades have already taken their toll on your windscreen, there’s not much else you can do: it’s time to get your windscreen replaced.

Get your windscreen replaced if there’s any movement in it – the seals may be damaged

Have you noticed even the slightest bit of movement in your windscreen? If you have, that’s not a good sign. It’s quite uncommon, but not unheard of, for damaged seals to cause some movement in windscreens. As you can imagine, that leaves a lot to be desired. If your windscreen moves, then it is structurally compromised. The solution: get your windscreen replaced.

If your windscreen pillars have sustained damage, you might need to get your windscreen replaced

Your windscreen is shaped to fit your car perfectly. So if you’ve been in a bit of a bingle that has seen your windscreen pillars distorted in any way, it’s worth getting your windscreen checked out. The pillars are the two parts of the car that extend between the bonnet and the roof. Of course, if one is twisted or bent, the entire windscreen will be exposed to a twisting pressure. If this is bad enough, you might have to get your windscreen replaced.

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