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6 Types Of Windscreen Damage & What To Do About Them

Posted on Monday, November 12th, 2018

Windscreen damage comes in a whole range of different types. Some are more serious than others, but mostly this depends on size. So what do you do if your windscreen is damaged – do you replace it or repair it? That’s a question that has to be answered on a case by case basis. But to help you work out your next step, we’ve listed some common types of windscreen damage, and what you can do about them.

My windscreen damage looks like a type of star, with a small centre – what can I do?

This type of windscreen damage could also be described as a sort of an ‘X’ with a little chip in the centre. Generally, it’s cause by a stone chip that is left for a while. What happens, is that the stresses of daily driving, coupled with temperature changes, form two lateral cracks in the windscreen. Both stem from the chip itself, and this can be an issue. Types of damage like this can require complete windscreen replacement if they’re big enough. So get in quick, and have them checked by experts!

My windscreen was hit by a stone that’s left a neat bullseye shape – is it repairable?

The neat bullseye is probably one of the most common types of windscreen damage we see. If you’ve spent a lot of time driving on the highway, or near roadworks, you’ve probably seen it too. Luckily, this sort of chip is usually containable in size. But, as with all types of windscreen damage, it depends on a range of factors. If it’s serious, and in the centre of your vision as driver, you may need windscreen replacement.

There’s a small crater in my windscreen glass, and the damage is getting worse, what do I do?

Cratered chips are often among the more serious types of windscreen damage we see. They are usually a result of a high impact strike, and they need immediate attention. The crater you see is evidence that the auto glass has been compromised and needs to be fixed as a priority. Luckily, we can help with that – and it doesn’t take long!

A crack in my windscreen is about 25mm long – is this type of damage serious or minor?

A crack of 25mm or more in your critical field of vision is relatively serious. In fact, if it obstructs your view, it can void the roadworthiness of your car under certain circumstances. So, in essence, it needs to be addressed. Windscreen repairs will probably cover that sort of damage, but not if the crack is too long. And even if it’s less than 20mm, it can grow quite rapidly. Our advice is to get in to see the windscreen specialists quickly for types of damage like this.

A large stone left a D-shaped chip in my windscreen – what can I do about this type of damage?

The D-shaped, or ‘horseshoe’ chip is normally caused by larger stones or road debris. These are the types of windscreen damage that are most likely to develop into long cracks. And if they do, windscreen replacement is imminent. So move fast and get it checked. If it’s not too bad, you can probably get away with windscreen repairs!

My windscreen damage doesn’t really fall into any of the types above, is this bad?

If your windscreen damage isn’t really like any of the types above, you may have a combination chip. These aren’t always as serious as they sound. But that does depend on the specific combination you have. A combination of crack and crater, for example, is pretty serious and may warrant windscreen replacement.

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