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How To Clean Car Glass Without Streaks

Posted on Friday, January 18th, 2019

Cleaning the car is a pretty straightforward activity. But there is one aspect that seems to get the better of us all: streaks! Car glass and streaks do not go well together. A streaky finish can impede your vision as the driver, and obstruct it altogether when the glass fogs up. But, worst of all, streak car glass is unbearably annoying. So how can you clean car glass without leaving those frustrating streaks? Everyone seems to have a view on this, and we’ve heard a whole host of different tips. Some are creative, some are bizarre, and some work surprisingly well. Here are our favourites!

One of our favourite tips on how to clean car glass without streaks is newspaper and Windex

This is one of the most intriguing means of cleaning car glass that we’ve heard. In fact, it would be easy to mistake it for a practical joke. But, astonishingly, it works – and it works better than almost any alternative. We are talking, of course, about Windex and newspaper. Yep – newspaper! Even reading the newspaper seems to leave inky smudges on our hands, but somehow, with a little Windex thrown in the mix, it leaves a perfect streak free finish on car glass. We strongly recommend you try it out.

Another great way to clean car glass without streaks is with purpose-made glass wipes

For those who are a little suspicious of our first tip, here’s a more conventional one: glass wipes. These are designed for the sole purpose of streak free car glass cleaning and you can find them at most automotive stores. They are a little pricier than the old newspaper and Windex trick, but they do a pretty good job. We would suggest keeping a few in the car and bringing them out as necessary. It’ll do wonders for keeping those annoying little smudges at bay.

A diluted methylated spirits solution can also clean your car’s glass without leaving streaks

Methylated spirits is a potent cleaning agent, and we would not recommend using too much of it. But, when it’s mixed in the correct proportion, it makes for a great car glass cleaner. The only catch is that the perfect ratio is generally a matter of trial and error. So, if you go a little over board on the water, or the other way round, then you might find yourself back to the drawing board. Still, the metho and water approach is tried, tested, and most importantly, affordable!

Paper towel can be useful, but when it comes to cleaning car glass without streaks it’s not ideal

When it comes time to clean the car glass, most of us reach for the paper towel. And it can work well. But, that does depend on the type of paper towel you use. Some of the less sturdy varieties disintegrate and leave unsightly smears across your car glass. That’s why we opt for the newspaper or the wipes more often than not. There is one other alternative, though – read below to find out!

Keeping a soft cloth safely stored is a great way to clean car glass and prevent both scratches and streaks

If you want to use a cloth to clean your car glass, you’re going to need the softest one you can find. And you’ll need to keep it that way! That means making it your designated car glass cloth, and storing it where it is safe from dust and grit. Cloths can collect dust or grit, and this leaves scratches on glass, which is even worse than streaks! So if you opt for the car glass cloth, make sure you store it well and keep it completely free of dust.
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How To Clean Car Glass Without Streaks

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