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How To Protect Your Car From Storm Damage

Posted on Sunday, February 10th, 2019

Storms are a force unto themselves. There’s nothing we can do to control them. However, there are plenty of steps we can take to protect ourselves and our belongings from their effects. That includes your car! Cars often bear the brunt of storm damage, and it can be costly. Luckily, protecting your car from storm damage is easy enough with a few simple steps.

Make sure your windscreen is in good condition – any weaknesses can worsen storm damage

First, let’s look at the parts of your car most likely to suffer from storm damage. Specifically, let’s look at the windscreen. Windscreens are the most exposed part of your car – perhaps with the exception of the roof. That means that if there’s rain, hail, or shine, your windscreen is there to feel it. As a result, you’ve got to take care of it. If your windscreen is even a little compromised, the damage can be extensive. During a storm, you’re often dealing with quick temperature changes, heavy rain, falling objects, and hail. Any one of those things can damage an already chipped or cracked windscreen. So to improve your chances of emerging unscathed, get your windscreen repaired or replaced if necessary.

Don’t park under trees – falling branches are a major cause of storm damage

During summer, the temptation to park under trees is always there. They are often the only thing offering some respite from the heat. And we all know the discomfort of returning to a car parked in full sun! However, if there’s a risk of a storm, parking under a tree just isn’t worth it. During storms, trees are among the most common causes of car damage. They drop branches, leaves, sticked and even trunks, which can go so far as to write a car off entirely. They are also exposed to heavy rain, wind, and even lightning. All that is enough to make you feel for them, but it’s important to do so from a safe distance!

Keep an eye on the weather! Forecasts are key to avoiding storm damage in summer

Preparation is key to avoiding storm damage. And what better way to be prepared than with real-time alerts from meteorology services? There are numerous apps that can send notifications to your phone when there’s a dangerous storm en route. Often, the warnings they give you will be the difference between a storm damaged car, and a cosy car space at the local shopping centre. Always have a plan to get your car undercover, but make sure you can do so at no personal risk.

If there’s a risk of flooding, head to high ground to avoid water related storm damage

Flooding is a little less common than wind and lightning. But it remains a possibility during the more severe storms. Flash flooding accounts for some of the most widespread storm damage, and most Queenslanders know of its devastating consequences. If you’re in an are prone to flooding, be prepared to move you and your car to higher ground. Doing so will protect you from flood damage, and worse.

If your car does fall victim to storm damage, prompt repairs are vital – here’s why

Finally, it’s important to recognise that storms can take even the most prepared people by surprise. At the end of the day, we are all likely to fall victim to storm damage at some point. What’s important is how we respond. The best response is to get your car repaired promptly. Like we mentioned earlier, damaged car windscreens are a safety hazard and they’re more likely to deteriorate. Get a replacement or repair when necessary, and enjoy the best in road safety.

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Protecting your car from storm damage isn’t always easy, but with these simple steps you can minimise the risks this summer!

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