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Taking Care Of Your Windscreen During Storm Season

Posted on Monday, March 5th, 2018

Taking Care Of Your Windscreen During Storm Season

Brisbane has one of the best storm seasons of any Australian city. Our storms come suddenly, and they strike hard. If a Brisbane storm catches you out, your windscreen can really take a hit. But they seem so unpredictable – how can you safeguard against them? Well, there are a few ways to avoid the worst of a southeast Queensland storm season. And with a few of our handy windscreen care tips, you can prepare yourself with ease.

Hail is your windscreen’s worst nightmare – keep an eye on the forecast and make an action plan

If your car gets caught out in a Brisbane storm, you can normally weather most of it. But not hail. Hail is by far the most damaging part of a storm, especially for your windscreen. And if you’re caught by surprise, there’s not really much you can do. That’s why you need to keep your finger on the pulse. There are a few weather apps you can install on your phone that will alert when a storm is approaching. You can combine these with the Bureau of Meteorology’s forecasting service to ensure that you’re aware of any storms in the vicinity. If a storm is approaching and your windscreen’s exposed, make a plan. Try and find a covered car park nearby, such as one in a supermarket or shopping centre. But remember, don’t drive if the hail has started!

Never park under a tree during storm season: high winds can cause windscreen damage

Storms come quickly, and often without warning. If you’ve experienced a Queensland storm season before, you would know that it normally starts with a sudden increase in wind speed. For a lot of windscreens, this can be a problem. If you’re parked under a tree when the wind starts, you may sustain windscreen damage as a result of falling trees or branches. That’s why we always recommend parking undercover, or out in the open during storm season. Of course undercover is preferable, but if that’s not possible try and find a space with no overhead hazards.

Get any cracks or chips repaired promptly – sudden temperature changes can make them worse

Storm season is usually characterised by searing hot days. A lot of the time, a storm’s arrival comes as a relief! The sudden drop in temperature, coupled with the cool rain is always nicer than the hot heat of summer. But sudden changes in temperature can be a problem for damaged windscreens. If you have a crack, temperature changes can make it worse. As the glass cools, it contracts. And with little flexibility in the glass, that sudden contraction can cause a crack. So make sure you get any windscreen damage repaired promptly.

Ensure your windscreen wiper blades are in great condition: when the rain comes you’ll need them!

Windscreen wiper blades don’t last forever – you should generally replace them about once a year. And when storm season rolls through, you’ll know why! There’s nothing worse than being caught in the driving rain without good windscreen wiper blades. Not only does that make it hard to see through the rain, but it also damages your windscreen. Poor wiper blades cause tiny scratches in glass. And over time, these can become a real problem.

Finally, try not to drive during a storm – flying debris can be damaging to your windscreen

Our last piece of advice for protecting your windscreen during storm season is to avoid driving when there’s a storm. We understand that sometimes you get caught out. But if you can get off the road safely when a storm comes through, we strongly recommend it. Wet conditions can make driving hazardous, and high winds can send debris flying through the air and into your windscreen. The safest option for you and your windscreen is to wait it out!

If you do happen to sustain some windscreen damage – get in touch with the experts at Windscreen World for a repair or replacement.

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Taking Care Of Your Windscreen During Storm Season

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