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Types Of Windscreen Damage

Posted on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

When you think of windscreen damage, you probably don’t think of categories. Surely damage is just damage, right? Well, not exactly. Like most types of vehicle damage, windscreen damage varies in severity. Some types of windscreen damage aren’t a massive deal. You can continue driving for a while, and eventually get a minor repair (preferably sooner, rather than later!).

But other types of windscreen damage will take your car off the road entirely. It’s important to know when your windscreen damage falls into one of the more serious categories. After all, having a sound windscreen is a matter of road safety. So let’s have a look at the different types of windscreen damage, and what you can do if they affect you.

The chip is one of the most common types of windscreen damage – here’s how to fix it

We all know the chip. You’re driving down the highway at 100 clicks, and a passing truck throws a small stone into your windscreen. You can see a small mark, but there’s no real obstruction to your vision as the driver. The windscreen is still strong, and you’re good to go on your way. Sure, it gives you a fright, but the chip us part and parcel of driving on the road. However, it is still important that you get chips fixed. Otherwise, they can devolve into more serious forms of damage. Luckily, it’s a quick fix at your local windscreen experts. They will have you back on the road, for a small cost.

Bullseyes are a more serious type of windscreen damage

Bullseyes are a more serious form of a chip. Generally, they occur under the same circumstances – but with a bigger stone. But how do you tell a bullseye from a regular chip? Well, as their name suggests, bullseyes have a sort of layered appearance. They can look a little bit like the bullseye on a dartboard. Often, the layered appearance is a result of some glass having been taken off by the impact. Normally, you can feel a bullseye if you run your finger over it. That indicates that it’s a relatively serious crack, capable of weakening your windscreen and blocking your line of sight.

Cracks often emerge from other types of windscreen damage, such as chips – they get bigger, too

So what happens if you leave a chip or a bullseye for a while, without getting it fixed? When that happens, cracks can form. Cracks occur as a result of your windscreen being weakened. When there is further impact, such as a bumpy road or slamming the car door, the cracks can emerge off that weakened section of windscreen. Cracks can grow, as well, which means a quick fix is even more vital.

The spider’s web: this type of windscreen damage calls for full replacement

The spider’s web often results from some pretty serious impacts. Automotive glass is known for its shatter-resistance; instead of shattering, it cracks in a spider’s web fashion. This type of windscreen damage will require a complete windscreen replacement. Once your windscreen has cracked like that, it is a safety hazard; your vision is blocked as a driver, and the windscreen is completely compromised.

Shattered windscreen only occur in cases of serious accidents, or vandalism

If your windscreen has shattered, chances are you’ve been involved in a serious accident, or someone has vandalised your car. Only an enormous amount of impact can cause shattered windscreens, which means there’s every chance other parts of your car are damaged too. If your windscreen has shattered, we recommend a new windscreen and a mechanical review of your car. A review will look at things like your roof pillars, and structural integrity after the impact. That will ensure that your car is still in safe conditioning to drive.

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Types of Windscreen Damage

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