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When Is The Right Time To Replace Your Windscreen Wipers?

Posted on Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

Windscreens are a vital safety feature of all cars. They’re also very tough – after all, they are designed to fend off rocks at high speeds, among other things. However, windscreens do require care. And one of the most overlooked features of windscreen maintenance is windscreen wiper replacement. Windscreen wipers don’t last forever.

In fact, they’re designed to be replaced relatively frequently. But how can you tell when it’s time for your windscreen wipers to retire? There are a few telltale signs that we’ve listed below. If any sound familiar, it’s probably time for a new set of windscreen wipers!

Look for signs of chipping, cracking, or wear in your windscreen wiper blades – here’s why

Windscreen wipers are comprised of two components: the blade, and the wiper. The wiper is durable; it’s normally made of metal and doesn’t have much in the way of an expiry date. But the blade, which actually wipes the water from your windscreen, is only made from a rubber or plastic compound. Needless to say, it’s time in the sun will often lead to some deterioration over time. It’s not invisible though; you can spot windscreen wiper deterioration, and address it before it’s an issue. Simply look for cracking, warping, chipping, or other wear in your wiper blades. If you can see visible wear, head down to your local windscreen specialists, and get new blades.

Are your windscreen wipers making a squeaking sound? It might be time to replace

Of course, not all wear is visible. Sometimes, your windscreen wiper blades can wear without you necessarily being able to see it. In those cases, there are other signs to look – or listen – for. Squeaking wiper blades often indicate one of two things: something is caught in the wiper, or it’s damaged. Start by wiping the blades with a damp cloth, to ensure there’s no grit caught in there. If that doesn’t work, it might be time for new blades.

If your windscreen wipers are smearing water over your windscreen, they are probably due for replacement

Windscreen wiper blades should wipe water completely from your windscreen. So if yours are having more of a smearing effect, chances are it’s time for a new set. Smearing wiper blades often indicate that there are chips in the blade. It’s also a safety issue because it means that your visibility is impaired every time it rains. Our advice is to get onto it fast. Wiper blades deteriorate rapidly once they’re compromised, so any issues that appear will only progress.

If your windscreen wipers ae scratching your windscreen, here’s what to do

In serious cases, windscreen wipers can actually scratch windscreens. If that occurs on your windscreen, you need to address it quickly. Start by identifying the problem. Usually, the issue will be one of two things. It could be some grit that is lodged in your wiper blades. Or alternatively, it could be some exposed metal on your wipers. The latter scenario occurs where the wiper blade deteriorates so significantly that it becomes dislodged. Once dislodged, the wiper blade exposes the metal wiper below, which causes serious damage. When that occurs, you’re likely to need a new windscreen. We suggest taking yours into the windscreen specialists, to see what can be done.

Windscreen wipers are easy to replace and affordable!

To avoid the expense of repairing damage to your windscreen, we advise regularly changing your wiper blades. They’re readily available, cheap, and easy to replace.

But if you’re not confident replacing them, take your car into the experts. They can replace your wiper blades, and repair any damage to your windscreen.

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