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Windscreen Maintenance Tips to Avoid Scratches

Posted on Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

Windscreen Maintenance

Windscreens are tough. They’re made from automotive glass that is impact resistant, laminated, and able to withstand great force. But there’s one thing all windscreens are susceptible to: scratches. Like any glass, automotive windscreen glass can become scratched if it is not maintained properly.

There are several everyday things that can lead to scratching, as well. That’s why frequent windscreen maintenance is so important. So let’s take a look at some of the easy maintenance steps you can take to reduce windscreen scratching.

Windscreen maintenance isn’t all glamorous – clean off bird droppings as soon as you can!

When it comes to a list of windscreen maintenance tasks, we think it’s best to start with the least pleasant. Bird droppings are often abrasive, due to small particles within. That means it can easily scratch your windscreen, when you turn on your wipers. For that reason, we advise against cleaning it off with you washers and wipers. Instead, we recommend hosing it off as much as possible. If any remains, take a soft, damp rag and gently remove it. Doing so will ensure that harsh and abrasive particles aren’t spread by your wipers.

Keeping your windscreen wipers in top condition is an easy maintenance tip to avoid scratches

That brings us to our next point: windscreen wipers. Wipers are an integral part of your windscreen. But they are also one of the main causes of windscreen scratching. Often, the scratches they leave are only minute at first – almost imperceptible. But if left in poor condition, windscreen wipers can easily cause more serious scratching.

That’s why we suggest regularly replacing your windscreen wiper blades. When blades become old, they can harden and chip. If they chip too heavily in one area, they can expose the metal arm of the windscreen wiper itself. And, needless to say, metal on glass is not a pleasant combination!

Only use clean anti-static cloths for windscreen maintenance and cleaning – here’s why

Cleaning your windscreen is a vital maintenance task. But to avoid scratching, there are a few things you can do. Your choice of cleaning cloth is important. An old, dusty rag is likely to be full of abrasive particles. They might not be immediately apparent, but all it takes is a grain of sand to cause scratching to your windscreen. We recommend playing it safe and using clean, soft microfiber cloths. In a pickle, you can even use newspaper for streak free cleaning!

Driving in a coastal or beachside area? Check for sand in your wipers!

As we mentioned, a single grain of sand can scratch your windscreen under the right circumstances. So, if you’re driving in a coastal area, it pays to be wary. Generally, you won’t have any issues. But if it’s windy enough, and you’re near enough to the beach, sand can easily blow onto your car, and collect in your windscreen wipers. To be safe, we suggest avoiding using your wipers – if you can do so safely – until you’ve rinsed them and your windscreen with a hose.

Finally, don’t let your windscreen washer run out of water – keep up with car maintenance!

Finally, general car maintenance will help you monitor and protect your windscreen from scratches. We recommend starting at the washer reservoir. If it’s empty, fill it up again asap! There’s nothing worse than dry wiper on dry, dusty glass! And if you are concerned about your windscreen, call the maintenance specialists!

Whether you need repairs, a replacement, or just some handy tips, getting in touch with the professionals is a great way to keep your windscreen in good condition. Coupled with these tips, it can help you stay scratch-free for longer!

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