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Windscreen Replacement Brisbane

Fast, Affordable Mobile Windscreen Replacement in Brisbane

Is your car’s windscreen cracked or broken? Do you have a chip on your windscreen? We deliver fast, affordable windscreen replacement in Brisbane.

If you’re looking for reliable and reputable automotive glass specialists, you’ve come to the right place. Windscreen World offer high-quality replacement windscreens for all car makes and models, with a lifetime warranty guaranteed.

Our mobile service will come to you to fix your broken windscreen glass, anywhere in Brisbane.

Our services are simple, fast and transparent. We offer an upfront over-the-phone quote with no hidden costs - the price we quote is the exact price you pay.

Fast, high quality and affordable - we make it simple so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Why Choose Us For Brisbane Car Windscreen Replacement?

High-quality windscreen products

Our expert technicians can replace your windscreens on any make or model of vehicle.

With our extensive range of high-quality laminate glass windscreens, we are certain that we can find the perfect fit for your car.

We are so confident that you will be happy with our service and products that we guarantee a lifetime warranty on workmanship for all our windscreen fittings.

Unbeatable prices

We offer Brisbane car windscreen replacement at prices up to 50% cheaper than many of our competitors.

This means that we're often cheaper than your insurance excess, which makes us fast, reliable and most of all affordable!

Of course, we offer discounts for pensioners.


Our highly trained team are quick, reliable and helpful. We are knowledgeable experts in windscreen replacement and boast more than 25 years of professional fitting experience.

Convenience - Mobile Windscren Replacement Brisbane

Windscreen World understands that your accidents are never convenient. That’s why we provide a fully mobile service at no extra cost. We can fit your new windscreen for you anywhere in Brisbane at your home or work, at a time that is convenient for you.

Our service is ideal for all car and light commercial vehicle owners in Brisbane.

How Our Brisbane Windscreen Replacement Service Works

Step One: Get In Touch With Us Today

For the best quality service, call 1800 008 977 now for a free on-the-spot quote.

After hours? Leave us a message on our 24-hour phone line or get in touch through our contact form.

Step Two: Book An Appointment

Next step, we’ll work with you to book an appointment at a convenient time for you. We can arrange to meet you on your chosen day within a two-hour timeslot.

Step Three: Get Your New Windscreen

One of our friendly, highly trained technicians will arrive anywhere in Brisbane within your agreed two-hour period. What does the windscreen replacement process look like?

  1. We will remove your old windscreen from your vehicle.
  2. We will install your new windscreen.
  3. Payment is easy and available through EFTPOS, credit card or cash.
  4. For your convenience, we will dispose of your old windscreen and all relevant rubbish.

With our attention to detail, high quality of service and premium quality windscreen products, we guarantee a happy customer experience.

Common Windscreen Replacement Brisbane Questions

At Windscreen World, we offer and recommend windscreen replacement, rather than Brisbane windscreen repairs, for a variety of reasons. Chiefly, these include safety, affordability and peace of mind.

Safety – Replacing a windscreen with a new, durable windscreen will ensure the damage is completely fixed. Furthermore, a new windscreen offers superior safety through enhanced clarity of vision and strength.

Affordability – Windscreen replacement is often more cost-effective than windscreen repair.

Peace of mind – You can enjoy greater peace of mind with the knowledge that when we replace your windscreen, we offer a lifetime warranty. This provides assurance in the case of further damage. Unfortunately, some of our competitors use inferior quality products, which can crack easily under pressure, voiding the warranty. At Windscreen World, we take pride in ensuring we offer top quality products with an excellent warranty on workmanship.

Yes, our services are fully mobile. We service the entire Brisbane region with flexible hours to ensure you have the service you deserve. We can travel to any home, workplace or location in Brisbane.

In fact, we can replace your vehicle’s windscreen in your driveway. This means that you can get convenient, fast and reliable service without having to leave your home.

Yes, we provide free on-the-spot quotes over the phone. Simply call 1800 008 977 and we’ll immediately let you know how much fixing your windscreen will cost.

Otherwise, you can reach us 24/7 via email through our website’s contact page. We promise a quick response.

Yes, we provide a lifetime warranty on our workmanship.

At Windscreen World, we use only brand new, premium laminated glass for our windscreens. Our thick laminated glass meets rigorous Australian standards for vehicle safety. Windscreens are made from laminated glass, a type of treated glass consisting of two glass layers with one strong plastic layer in between. This glass is crafted to provide unrivalled strength and to prevent shattering under pressure. Once laminated, the windscreen is bonded firmly to your car.

When you leave it to an automotive glass specialist, Brisbane windscreen replacement is a quick job. We estimate at least two hours from the time our technician arrives until the time you can start driving again.

Once our technician arrives, it will take approximately half an hour to one hour to complete the windscreen replacement, with one-hour additional standing time for the glue to dry. Unlike many competitors, we use a fast active glue, which means you can be on the road again quickly.

Generally, we can schedule in your windscreen replacement for the next day, but sometimes we can perform the replacement within the same day!

Rocks, sticks, car accidents. Even sudden temperature changes can cause serious damage to your windscreen. Chips and cracks can seriously limit your visibility and compromise safety when driving. Get your windscreen replaced before the crack grows.

Not every mechanic has the expertise to repair every single component of a car. If your windscreen is cracked, chipped or broken, it’s best to look for a reputable automotive glass specialist.

Windscreen installation is a technical yet delicate process designed to work with the strengths of automotive glass. In order to replace a windscreen with skill and efficiency, professionals require a lot of training. The installation of a new windscreen is best left to an expert with the right experience and the right equipment.

Replacing your windscreen is a delicate job. Windscreen replacement might seem simple, but the process can be deceptively tricky. It requires specialist equipment, an expert understanding of the process, and the ability to source the correct size windscreen for your vehicle. Without the right equipment, lifting a heavy windscreen into place and setting it correctly will be almost impossible – even dangerous. Finally, replacing your windscreen yourself can compromise the strength of your windscreen, and potentially void certain warranties.

At the end of the day, it’s well worth paying an expert to do the job right. Seeking the expertise of a windscreen replacement professional will save you a lot of hassle and ensure that the repair or replacement is completed to a high standard of safety.

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